Tanzania: Nfra to Purchase 50,000 Tonnes of Maize


THE National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA), Sumbawanga Zone is expecting to start purchasing 50,000 tonnes of maize in mid -July this year.

The NFRA Sumbawanga Zone Acting Manager, Mr Marwa Range made such revelation during an exclusive interview held by this paper here in municipality.

He emphasized that the agency which serves both Rukwa and Katavi region respectively have started purchasing 5,000 tonnes of maize being a last year harvest.

The procurement has taken off officially on May 25, this year at the retail cost of 550/-per kg in Urban and 500/-in rural areas.

“The retail prices offered by our food reserve urgency of 550/-per kgms of maize in Urban and 500/-in rural will be a great reliefs to the sellers as presently farmers are selling 300/-per kgms in rural meaning a bag of maize weighing 100 kgms is sold at retail price of 30,000/-while in Urban the same is sold at 40,000/- per bag.

Besides, there are no restrictions imposed as all sellers including private sectors, business people, Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) from both Rukwa and Katavi regions are allowed to sell their maize direct to NFRA Sumbawanga Zone,” added the Acting NFRA Manager.

He further explained that already the food reserve agency has so far purchased 1,657 tonnes of maize from centers including Mazwi in Sumbawanga municipality, Laela and Mtowisa in Sumbawanga District Council in Rukwa.

Others in the list are Kibaoni and Milumba maize purchasing centers based in Katavi Region.


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