Tanzania: Kilombero Sugar Pack Enters Dodoma Market


WITH sugar prices continuing to stabilise after domestic manufacturers resumed production, Kilombero Sugar Company Limited has introduced new sugar packs to cater for the growing demand for the sweetener aimed at increasing accessibility and ultimately penetrate a wider market.

The launch of Bwana Sukari 5kg pack in the Tanzanian Capital-Dodoma, follows the sugar company’s production resumption in mid-May for 2020/21 season in its factories in Kilombero, Morogoro Region, which was officiated by Morogoro Regional Commissioner (RC), Loata Ole Sanare.

Speaking at the launching event held in Dodoma yesterday, Trade Marketing Manager for Kilombero Sugar Company, Warda Kimaro said the sugar company has been working to make sure the factory not only produces sugar at its maximum capacity, but also cater to various needs of its consumers.

“We understand that our customers’ consumption of sugar varies, and for that matter we intend to make our hygienically pre-packed Bwana Sukari available in various sizes, including the new 5kg pack so that all our customers can purchase sugar packs as per their needs,” said Kimaro.

She added, “We have now brought our Bwana Sukari 5kg pack in Dodoma as part of our initiative to make pre-packed Bwana Sukari readily available at affordable prices across the country, and considering that the capital city keeps growing, which means more small businesses such as eateries require more sugar on a daily basis, therefore we deemed it necessary to make prepackaged sweetener available in retail shops.”

Ms Kimaro noted that the sugar company is planning to make the 5 kg sugar packs available across the country, along with other sizes of Bwana Sukari packs.

“Introducing the new pack into the Dodoma market simply means we are giving consumers more options of accessing Bwana Sukari, it doesn’t mean that we will halt producing the smaller packs,” she said.

Apart from the newly launched 5kg, Bwana Sukari is also available in 50kg, 25kg, 1kg, 350g and 160g.

For 2020/2021 season, Kilombero Sugar Company, which is currently the biggest sugar manufacturer in the country, is projecting to produce 127,000 tonnes of sugar and crush 1,328,445 tonnes of cane.


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