Tanzania: Audit Uncovers 47m/-Loss in Mara Amcos


AN inspection done in the Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Societies (AMCOS) in Mara Region has established that about 47.1m/- was squandered, denying 103 farmers their payments.

The Ministry of Agriculture said in the National Assembly on Tuesday that Mara Region has 559 AMCOS out of which 133 (23.8per cent) had been inspected by the ministry.

According to the ministry, the inspection of AMCOS in the region had uncovered several irregularities, among them loss of 47.1m/-.

However, it was quick to point out that punitive legal actions would be instituted to whoever was involved. In Bunda district alone, the government said, there were 119 AMCOS, out of which 21 (an equivalent of 17.65per cent) had been inspected.

An inspection found out that about 45m/- in Bunda district was missing and that there were three cases pending in courts.

The ministry was responding to a question by Bunda Rural MP, Boniface Getere (CCM) who said that many AMCOS in Bunda District were squandering money for farmers calling for action from the government.

In a written response, the ministry insisted that it will continue instituting legal measures against all culprits squandering money for farmers.

“The government will equally continue dealing with all leaders of AMCOS by instituting stern actions against those misusing public funds,” said the ministry.


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