Sudan: Turkawi Announces Availability of Gasoline for All Agricultural Projects This Season


The Caretaker Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources in charge Engineer Abdul-Gadir Turkawi has announced the availability of gasoline for all agricultural projects for this season.

Turkawi pointed out, in a statement to SUNA, to the provision of logistical capabilities in cooperation with the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance to activate the agricultural extension and research work to come out with high productivity, especially export crops, horticulture and gum Arabic.

The Minister of Agriculture said that all pesticides have been secured to meet the agricultural season through the the Ministry’s Department of Plant Protection.

The Minister revealed a tendency to indegnize production of improved seeds for all crops as well as the provision of agricultural inputs, such as fertilizer, through the Agricultural Bank in all its branches in the states.

He pointed to the ministry’s concern with the agricultural industrialization in partnership with the private sector, praising the private sector for its introduction of some technologies for small industries in the country, hoping that Sudan would be the first exporter of various agricultural crops.


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