South Sudan: Japan Donates U.S.$2.2 Million to Fight Locust Invasion in South Sudan


The Japanese government has donated $2.2 million to the fight against locust invasion in South Sudan.

In a statement on Wednesday, Japan’s Foreign Ministry said the funds are meant to mitigate damage caused by the desert locusts.

“In South Sudan, there are concerns that the country will face serious food crisis due to the locusts damage in addition to the damage caused by the flood since last year. It is expected that provision of relief assistance will improve nutritional condition of approximately 49,900 people,” read the statement.

Sudan will also receive $1.7 million grant aid while Uganda will get $600,000.

A swarm of crop-eating locusts descended on South Sudan’s Magwi County, bordering Uganda in February, according to then Agriculture and Food Security minister Onyoti Adigo.

In response, the country representative of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation said the institution immediately placed together 1,000 back sprayers to counter the invasion.

Late in February, the US announced $8 million to support regional operations to control locusts in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.


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