Social media reacts as man builds successful poultry farm with just N11,000


– A farmer, who was only identified by his Twitter handle @ydb_ZN, inspired social media users

– He opened up about starting a business in agriculture and how much he used

– @ybd_ZN also gave South Africans advice on the most profitable route to take in poultry farming

Every now and then a post surfaces online that inspires many social media users. One man, who was only identified as @ydb_ZN, showed off his business on Twitter and it gathered thousands of reactions.

On Saturday, @ydb_ZN, who owns Khondlo Poultry Farm, shared photos of his business and he gave other social media users a piece of advice.

“My advice to someone who wants to get into poultry farming, between egg production and meat production I would say meat production. A fully grown broiler takes 35 days to be ready for the market and layer takes 18-20 weeks to start laying.”

South Africans flooded @ydb_ZN’s timeline with more questions.

He revealed in one response that he started the successful venture with only R500 (N11,400.37) in his pocket.

His response read:

“No funding. You can start very small something you can afford… The first day I started I had R500 with me, I probably spent R2000 until they reached maturity.”

In another post, @ydb_ZN revealed his business has been so successful that he could afford to turn down an investment of a whopping R100,000 (N228,188.62).

South Africans were inspired by @ydb_ZN’s business and they applauded him in the comment section.

Social media user, @thaboherman03, wrote:

“Farm what you love. Simple!”

Twitter user, @thangovg, commented:

“My brother you are an inspiration yazi.”

In other news, a Nigerian man who arrived Canada as a student five years ago has taken to Twitter to share his success story.

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The man identified as Tunde Omotoye said he arrived Canada five years ago as a student who was unsure of what the future had for him in the North American country.

Despite the uncertainty, he revealed that he has launched his own country five years after leaving the shores of Nigeria.

According to Omotoye, his company’s aim is to help immigrants like him navigate their immigration and career journeys confidently and swiftly.


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