Rwanda: Three Districts in Livestock Quarantine as Foot-and-Mouth Disease Strikes Kayonza


The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources has banned livestock movement in some sectors of Kayonza, Gatsibo and Kirehe districts in Eastern Province.

This follows the detection of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD), a highly contagious viral disease in livestock, in Kayonza.

Symptoms of the disease were identified in cattle in Kahi Cell, Gahini Sector, and in Kanyinya Cell, Ndego Sector, both in Kayonza District, forcing the ministry to put nine sectors in livestock quarantine.

The livestock whose movements were banned includes cattle, pigs, goats and sheep, according to an announcement from the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources issued on Wednesday evening.

The sectors under animal quarantine are Gahini, Ndego, Mwiri and Murundi in Kayonza District, Kiziguro, Rwimbogo and Kabarore in Gatsibo District, and Nasho and Mpanga in Kirehe District.

The farmers in the sectors in question are obliged to vaccinate all cows above six months old, according to the directive from the ministry.

Once a farmer identifies any cow with symptoms, they are instructed to report to their veterinarian or nearest local leader.

The foot-and-mouth disease was first suspected in Kahi, Gahini on Monday, June 22, as more than 30 cows in one farm had symptoms of the disease, which include, blisters in the mouth and on feet, drop in milk production, loss of appetite and quivering lips and frothing of mouth.

The previous outbreak of FMD in livestock caused livestock quarantine in districts of Gatsibo, Kayonza and Nyagatare between May 2017 and January 2018.


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