Liberia: New Georgia Residents Benefit Rice Donation From Community Help Initiative


A group of young people of the New Georgia Community in Gardnerville under the umbrella “Community Help Initiative” has embarked on several community engagements, developments, and food distribution in the area.

CHI is a non-Profit professional and ethical organization that engages in serving humanity and fostering unity and development in the New Georgia Community.

The group, over the weekend, started distributing rice to households in the nine communities of New Georgia and carrying out sensitization about COVID-19 prevention.

CHI started the rice distribution at the New Georgia Estate Health facility where the group provided a 25kg bag of rice to each of the 32 staff of the clinic.

During the distribution at the New Georgia Community Clinic, a member of CHI speaking on behalf the group, Vivian Lymas Tegli, encouraged health workers to continue the hard work in serving the community.

Tegli said the organization is contributing to nurses and staffs to help them deal with the overwhelming situation created by the pandemic.

She noted that her group is aware that Liberia’s health system is beset with serious capacity problems, adding that it is chronically short of human resources, equipment, and drugs.

“Many people, when they are sick, don’t go to bigger hospitals, they normally come here at our community health facilities to get treatment, so we thought it wise to come provide the staffs here at least a bag of rice to each person to enhance your and help feed your family at home,” she noted.

“We know the rice is not enough but we have stopped by to say thank you and continue to do your work by saving lives, all of the people you see standing here were born here while some grew up here as well.”

Receiving the items on behalf the New Georgia Health Center, Madam Clarissa Howard Tweason described the gesture as timely. She, however, called on the CHI to also intervene by helping to provide facemask to the health facility.

“We are happy to receive the donation from a group like you that are members of the community where the health facility is located. We have been fighting hard to even paint our building because government cannot do it all, as you can see our building is dirty and we have been going all around for people to help us paint but to no avail, if you can pleased look into that as group and origin of this community can see reason to help us to paint our building, we will be glade,” Madam Tweason said.

Apart from the donation to the clinic, the organization also donated bags of rice to households in New Georgia Golf, New Georgia Signboard, New Georgia Nigerian’s Shop, New Georgia U-Curve, New Georgia Oldfield Community and New Georgia Famous Island.

The Acting Chairman of the CHI, Tyrence W. Moore, said the organization is considering the request made by staffs of the New Georgia Health Clinic.

He called on young people in and out of the New Georgia Estate to put their widow’s might together and help improve the community.

“We don’t have to wait for government to come and do it for us before we improve our own community, our friends here and abroad are prepared to make our community a better place, we have a number of activities on agenda that we can work with and improve our community,” he said.

The organization does not have a donor support but the contributions of every member at the end of every month and the input of colleagues in the diaspora is keeping the organization up.


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