Kenya: MP’s 24 Dairy Cows Die After Consuming Imported Feed


Emurua-Dikir MP Johanna Ngeno is counting losses after his herd of 24 Holstein Friesian cattle worth Sh2.5 million died after feeding on an imported livestock product.

The Kanu MP has threatened to sue for the loss of his herd saying the dead animals produced 40 liters of milk every day.

“I have moved to the national chemist with samples to find out what happened but this one I am moving to court,” said Mr Ngeno.

In a telephone interview with the Nation on Sunday, the legislator said the pedigree cattle started dropping dead one after another after feeding on the product.

According to Mr Ng’eno, the imported product is available at local animal feeds stores.

Information printed on the 20kg bags of the product shows it is complementary feeding stuff for ruminants. The batch of tens of bags’ expiry date is January 28, 2022.


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