Angola: Second Low Harvest Recorded in Lobito


The harvests of the second agricultural season, between February and April of this year, in Lobito municipality, central Benguela province, was of solely 191 tons of products, said the local director of Agriculture and Fisheries, Maria Francisco.

Speaking to Angop, the official considered low the harvest registered in the second season of the 2019-2020 agricultural seasons, since the farmers obtained only 115 tons of beans, 55 tons of maize, nine tons of sweet potatoes and six tons of onions and tomatoes, respectively.

According to the manager of the Municipal Agriculture Office in Lobito, although it is not yet possible to calculate the decline in production, everything indicates that there has been a fall compared to the first season of the agricultural season.

Last year, between September and November, the region reached 150 tonnes of maize, 162 tonnes of cassava, 10 tonnes of peanut, 24 tonnes of tomatoes and an equal quantity of peppers and onions in the municipalities of Canjala and Egipto-Praia and Culango.


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