Angola: Giangzhou Agriculture Farm Stands Out in Cereal Production


At least 8,260 tons of various cereals were harvested in the current 2019/2020 agricultural season at Giangzhou Agriculture farm, located in the municipality of Chicala-Cholohanga central Huambo province, against the 5,150 tons of the previous season.

It is 8,000 tons of corn, 160 tons of soy, 100 tons of rice and other unspecified, in the experimentation phase, produced in an area of 1,650 hectares, destined for commercialization, according to the farm’s spokesman, Simão Nzhori.

“Our intention is to make the farm a major producer in this region, with the enlargement of the fields of cultivation and the increase of agricultural production so that they can meet the local and country needs,” he said.

However, added Simão Nzhori, the process of expansion has encountered many difficulties, in terms of negotiating with the owners to make it effective.

In his opinion, with 10 farms of that size and producing cereals, horticultural crops, fruit crops, in addition to livestock, it will be possible to ensure greater food security for families in this region and with surpluses to market.

The project, which has created 180 direct jobs, is an investment of USD 12 million, which aims to reach an area of 2,544 hectares a year and raise 1,000 head of cattle, at a time when agriculture is the largest employer of peasant families in the country.


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