Angola: Fisheries Minister Assures Conditions to Train Staff


The fisheries sector plans to train staff with considerable technical capacity in the coming years, said the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, António de Assis, in Luanda on Friday.

The minister was speaking to the press at the end of a visit to the Fisheries Training Centre (CEFOPESCA) and the Polytechnic Institute of Fisheries, both located in the Ramiros area.

Despite some difficulties, he said that both institutions are equipped with technical and human capabilities for the training process.

The visit was part of the process of survey, evaluation and analysis of the fisheries sector, which in March was merged with the Ministry of Agriculture.

The main objective of the experimental centre is the production of larvae for restocking.

The two infrastructures, besides the classrooms, are also made up of laboratories, workshops, medical post, canteens, simulation rooms, fish processing room. They have the capacity to house 310 students in an area of 5 hectares.

Located in the urban district of Ramiros, in Luanda, the “Cefopescas” Fishing Training School has the capacity to train 1,000 students annually in the areas of sailors, machine drivers, mechanics, naval electricity, electromechanics, welding, computers and English.

Built in an area of 26,581 square meters, the school is composed of 17 classrooms, several laboratories and training areas, technical, administrative, residential areas and dormitory for the trainees.


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